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Independent Living Services


Employment and Resource Training and Support

Central Coast Care can provide support and training with employment opportunities, whether it is building a resume and searching for a paid position, finding a volunteer position or connecting with a work training program.

Staff are also available to provide instruction and education surrounding the many benefits and resources available to individuals including applying for benefits, compiling needed information and maintaining benefits. 

Disability Access

Self Advocacy Support and Training

We believe that individuals are an important part of the hiring and placement process for staffing their program. Individuals will interview staff before placement, and have expectations of the service and grievance procedures made available to them. Individuals will be supported by CCCS if they wish to discontinue supports from any staff. Individuals have the ability to choose what goals are in the ISP and what support methods they desire to achieve those goals. Individuals are informed of the reasons behind their support and are an integral part of the planning process advocating their preferred activities and preferred schedule.

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Medical Oversight and Medication Administration

Central Coast Care provides medical oversight and training including supporting the individual in making and attending annual and doctor recommended medical, dental and vision appointments. Our direct support professionals are able to provide assistance with following physician recommendations and administering oral and topical medications.

Disabled Athletes Playing Basketball

Community Integration and Social Involvement

The agency will assist individuals served to access their community by encouraging and supporting them to have daily lives approximate to an individual without disabilities. Generic and community resources in line with the individual’s preferences and needs that may be accessed in the community include but are not limited to Social Security Administration, Housing Authority, IHSS, community engagement with Santa Barbara and Goleta events, public transit, Easy Lift and Special Olympics. Individuals may be informed about the programs, opportunities and resources available to them, and will be offered support in the form of calendaring, programming, ISP objectives, and training from CCCS in order to incorporate community events as desired.

Independent Living Services: Services
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Personal Hygiene and Self Care

Our Direct Support Professionals are able to provide training supports from verbal prompting to hand over hand care in order for an individual to learn or receive supports in their personal hygiene and self-care. Supports and supervision offered include but may not be limited to assistance with oral hygiene, showering and/or bathing, grooming, toileting, mental health, as well as female menstruation hygiene and product support.

Cleaning Supplies

Domestic Supports

At Central Coast Care Services, our team provides domestic training and support to the individuals receiving supports. This can include assistance with grocery and personal item shopping, meal preparation and cooking, laundry services, and residential cleaning. Training can include how to inventory and check for items needed prior to shopping, learning new recipes, how to use kitchen tools safely, how to do laundry, and how to clean properly and safely using the correct cleaning solutions.

Credit Card

Financial Training

From cash to debit to credit to balancing a checkbook, our team can provide support and training to ensure understanding and ease of use for making everyday purchases or saving for a large purchase. Training and support for how to make and follow a budget can also be provided. Financial records will be maintained according to the Individual Service Plan.

Seat on public transportation

Mobility and Accessibility

Central Coast Care will provide support to the individual in developing an individualized transportation access plan in line with their preferences, needs and capabilities. This may include but is not limited to accessing Easy Lift, MTD, R&D Transportation, Coast Vista Bus and may include mobility training in order to effectively use these services.

Independent Living Services: Services
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