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Direct Support Professional

Central Coast Care Services is recruiting for energetic and passionate individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others. CCCS provides staff support to individuals with developmental disabilities living in their own home by teaching them independent living skills, accompanying individuals on outings and to events and supporting them with community engagement.

While this is not a medical position, it is a great opportunity for students interested in the medical field, social work or psychology. Our agency provides comprehensive training prior to supporting individuals and can prepare you for supervisory positions with our management training program. Schedule availability is flexible and includes daytime, evening and weekend. 

An employee providing support for instructional activities of daily living may focus on the following areas:   

  • Medication Administration

  • Meal Preparation, Cooking, Grocery Shopping and Clean-up

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Bathing and Toileting

  • Laundry

  • Accessing Community Resources

  • Mobility Training and Community Integration

  • Budgeting, Price Comparison, Debit Card Use, Checkbook Balancing and Bill Pay

  • Home Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Adhering to Doctor’s orders

  • Implementation of ISP Goals

  • Implementation of Person Centered Practices 

Applicants must pass a pre-employment drug screening and a DOJ background check.

Dance Class

Social Recreation Program Specialist

Central Coast Care Services is recruiting for Program Specialists with backgrounds and interest in art and music, nutrition, food and cooking, sports, dance and movement, and film to facilitate our various program offerings in the program.

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Working at Central Coast Care

Here is What Our Employees Have to Say

"I really enjoyed my time at Central Coast Care Services. It is very apparent that the owners of the program care for both the clients and their employees. The employers were very understanding of my schedule and boundaries as a young female student. As an employee, they made me feel like I was valued and that my voice and opinions were important. The employers did a great job of matching you with clients that fit your schedule and personality the best, making the shift even more enjoyable. Additionally, there was constant open communication between me, the employers, and other employees to ensure the best care for each client. I am fortunate to have had this experience in college. This job reaffirmed my desire to pursue a career in the healthcare field, and I would highly recommend applying if you also have aspirations in the healthcare field. I built first-hand relationships with each client and understand how different care techniques apply to different individuals. While there are clear expectations of this job,  you are the only staff on shift which teaches a lot of independence and how to take initiative." - Marissa

My time working at CCC taught me crucial skills necessary for success in any field of healthcare. These skills included hard and soft skills. Hard skills enabled me to be an effective DSP and ranged from patience, understanding another person’s perspective, and a toolset to support and encourage patients. The soft skills learned while working at CCC, such as interpersonal communication and time management, translate not only to daily life but other extracurricular and academic avenues. This can include communicating with professional organizations or communicating academic research with others. All in all, CCC is an amazing opportunity to build a foundation for your healthcare career and improve your capability as an individual. - Henry

"CCC provides amazing care to amazing individuals! I really enjoyed my time working here.  This is the perfect position for a full-time student, especially with a kind, responsive, and flexible management." - Nasim 

"My time with Central Coast Care has been extremely beneficial, I gained hands-on experience working close to and forming bonds side by side of those with disabilities. I also am more than thankful that I got a chance to work within a company that helps team members develop as not only employees but individuals as well. Supervisors exceeded my expectations in excellent support to help with any questions that ever arose, quickly and professionally. Having those in need of some extra help placed in a goal-set environment was very effective and motivating to be apart of! I recommend working for CCC if you are in search of a workspace where you are constantly making a great positive change in others' life. Very appreciative of the warm hearted understanding supervisors, programs, and of course all of the wonderful staff!" - Angelina

"I loved working for CCC! I gained skills and experience that will help me achieve my future goals and it was an overall enriching experience. Management was kind, helpful, flexible, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work as a full time student." - Ummae J. 

"Being a direct support professional for Central Coast Care has been an amazing experience. The supervisors truly care about both their clients and their employees, and they are committed making everything about the job as smooth as possible. It’s a great company to work for! While working for CCC, I have gained invaluable experience in what it means to be a care-taker, and I have found so much fulfillment in helping people with disabilities. I would recommend working for CCC to anyone who wants to make a difference in others’ lives!" - Hannah N. 

"I had a great time working with Central Coast Care. From the employees to the clients, everyone was wonderful to work with. This position introduced me to the field, and I felt very supported throughout the training and as I worked. I have grown and learned so much, and I am truly grateful for this experience." - Jayna J.

"Working with Central Coast Care was an amazing opportunity to help support and ensure the health of individuals with disabilities. I had a great experience working with these individuals whom I could develop a rapport with over time. The trainings for the position were very thorough, and the staff was always open to answering questions I had. My supervisor was very understanding and flexible to accommodate to the employees' needs while also being clear in what was expected of the direct support professionals." - Melody Y. 

"I am very happy with my time with CCCS. I really think that I grew some during this position, gave me new insights, and changed how I want to go about my career. I was glad to do something meaningful, and am super glad that I had been able to get close with those I worked with. Amanda and Luis were so kind and I truly appreciate that. Thank you for everything." - Troy B. 

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